Palisade Guardian: Revolution

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Palisade Guardian: Revolution Game Overview

Among the many popular shooting action games online, Palisade Guardian: Revolution is the game that has been preferred choice of gamer who loves to enjoy every single moments of free action shooting games online. This action game is for the sharp shooters that are capable of handling a good number of approaching enemies.

As a sharp shooter, in this free action games online you along with the best one buddy have leagued to protect the palisade from the coming enemy army. As you is the best soldier to protect the palisade from the wave coming soldiers. In the first level of the game there are two other teammates that are defending it from swarm of enemy.

As you already are a sharp shooter, therefore, just aim and shoot the soldiers. As the entire area is filled with trees, bushes, grass and rocks thus offer protect cover to enemies. As well as you keep on killing the enemies, will also get the points to be further used for getting better arms, ammunitions and other skills.

In this terrific Palisade Guardian: Revolution game with raising levels the number of enemies keep on rising and requires time to kill them. For enjoying the game use the mouse to shoot and point at enemies. Right click helps to magnify the vision and leads you to take the best enemy shot in free action games online.

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