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Play Holi Shooter

Holi Shooter

419.6K Played
Play Strike Expert

Strike Expert

642.4K Played
Play Knight Vs Zombies

Knight Vs Zombies

491.7K Played
Play Duck Hunter

Duck Hunter

274.1K Played


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Holi Shooter

419.6K Played

Strike Expert

642.4K Played

Knight Vs Zombies

491.7K Played

Duck Hunter

274.1K Played

Mummy Hunter

127.4K Played

Zombie Hunter Lemmy

127.1K Played

Jet Fire

7.1K Played

Action Super Hero

29.7K Played

Western Cowboy Run

6.9K Played

King Fishing

6.7K Played

Snowball Fight

26.4K Played

Dragon Shooter

59.9K Played

Robotic Invasion

14.9K Played


28.9K Played

Gunslinger Duel

19.5K Played

Rising Command

11.5K Played


11.1K Played

Stickman Team Force

13.5K Played

Gibbet Archery

10.4K Played

Office Strike

12.4K Played

Tank Wars

395.8K Played

Mr Bullet 2

21.5K Played

Guns & Bottles

1.1M Played

Swat Vs Zombies

1.7M Played

Ranger Vs Zombies

127.7K Played

Space Purge

1M Played

Tank Defender

3M Played

Duck Shooter

51.9K Played

Custom Gun Creator

19.5K Played


7.9K Played

Alien Invasion

8.7K Played

Gun Flipper

10.7K Played

Knives Extreme

9.6K Played

Chicken Shooter

9.9K Played

Zombie Shooter

121.3K Played

Taco Blaster

7.1K Played

Sniper Clash 3D

9K Played

Knife Dart

67.5K Played

Great Air Battles

34.6K Played

Lord of Galaxy

6.8K Played

Terrorist Shootout

7.1K Played

Toucan Shooter

6.1K Played

The Bandit Hunter

118K Played

Armed Road

9.9K Played

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About Online shooting Games

Shooting Games - Plan a Strategy, Use Some Deadly Weapons & Win Fights

ARE you among those who love watching movies featured with guns and other weapons? Do action-packed shows give you a solid reason to entertain? If so, we are here help you out. Browse through our extensive collection of online shooting games, a popular subcategory of action games, to help your trigger finger needs some exercise!

Plenty of Things to Do As a Player

We bet you would not get bored for a single moment as there are plenty of things to do when you are in the gameplay. Our free shooting games will allow you to explore the countless RPG elements such as choosing your character, finding weapons and upgrading his dresses, looks and armour.

There is no surprise to find out the online shooter games with riddles and unique story lines. Not every shooter challenge asks you to grab your gun. You can dive in the bubble shooting games and shoot some bubbles at bricks.

Be a Gunslinger Without Hurting Anyone Else!

No need to use the real weapons to mess around with. The virtual world allows you to play with multiple types of weapons right from different types of shotguns to crossbows. Join the first-person shooter games and challenge other players from across the world! You can also invite your friends to play online in multiplayer shooting games.

Do not take your eyes off your ammo supply otherwise your enemies will clear you from the screen. Choose from the role for you as a cop, pirate, sheriff or an army caption. After the weapon, you have to play game for the mission you are appearing in the RPGs games. Either you fight at Gulf and Afghanistan or try to evade prisoners from the Nazi concentration camp.

Complete Missions, Upgrade Weapons and Earn Points

Try to be focused on scoring the maximum points possible before moving to the next level in free HTML5 shooting games! In the fight games online, a player generally has a limited control over the as he rather remains engaged in shooting down the enemy or accomplishing missions successfully.

However, there at every level of the game there would be a good number of points to further purchase the ammunition and arms to always have an edge against your rivals.

It is time to test your skill and agility as an ace shooter to judge your speed and reaction time. The choice of weapon depends upon the customization factor in the game as you can choose from the sniper gun shooting, revolver, mortar or bow, knifeand arrow shooting depending upon the game play without download.

Some of the most popular online shooting games offered at our site include After Sunset 2, Sisters of No Mercy, The Last Dinosaurs, Trinitas, Commando, Commando Rush, Robin Hood & Treasures, Commando Assault and Sushi Showdown.


What are the best free Shooting Games online?
  1. Holi Shooter
  2. Sniper 3D Target Shooting
  3. Zombie Shooter
  4. Duck Hunter
  5. Guns Bottles
  6. Super Sniper Assassin
What are the best free mobile Shooting Games?
  1. Tank Defencer
  2. Duck Shooter
  3. Rangers Vs Zombies
  4. Knife Dart
  5. Knives Extreme