Woman Down Under

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Woman Down Under Game Overview

Woman Down Under, platform adventure game is specifically devised to check the courage and mettle of love birds that boasts of going to any extent to prove their love for his beloved one. Within the game play of woman down under, the courage of romantic lovers by the medium of free adventure game online is tested. If they have courage to go deeper into the depth of Grand Canyon or Niagara falls, then they too easily can woo the deeper yet soft heart of his love lady too.

All this has been checked in this cool adventure game online. The exotic game play of this love game has been set into some of the toughest terrain found on the earth like Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon, Mariana Trench and more. While falling from the height as been falling in love in this version of free online adventure game to play, one surely reaches at love lady waiting at the bottom of the landscape.

The only protection against the free fall is cliffs in between and key controls for jumping and moving left and right. Jumping from one cliff to another one is very necessary and cautious step as a slight slippery act, you will lost your life as well love in this amazing adventure game, online.

Woman Down Under online game Control is completely in this game is provided through the arrow keys as it jumps between cliffs. Use the up arrow key to jump and the left and right key to balancing yourself and move both ways.

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