Tumblestump 2

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Tumblestump 2 Game Overview

This running adventure game Tumblestump2 definitely for the game lovers who do also have immense appetite for horror movies as well. If you have mettle to cruise your way through in dark without being frightened scared around, you definitely can reach the last point of this free particular adventure game online.

Once moved ahead on the path of darkness your only ways in this amazing adventure game are few torches. As being aware and alert is your best bet in this free adventure game online, where darkness is the only light help you to move ahead. A little unawareness on your part could lead you to the trap of dangerous evil and monsters ready to swallow you in a second.

Your aggression is your only defence against these monstrous creatures as you have to fire on them incessantly in the free online version of the adventure game. The entire game is divided into three chapters as each Chapter containing 3 levels each.

You just not only have to tackle the thrill of the game but also have to be attentive towards the graphics and sound effect as being produced by the game. While heading for the next level of the game you will face the tremendous number of opponents in form of devil and monsters. Precaution is another measure in this risk taking action game as a careless jump will end it all for you in the adventure game online.

You can use the arrow keys to move through the darkness and jump over the evil monsters.

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