Ticket Game Overview

In this free online ticket puzzle arcade game you have to carry out the winner of the lottery game Bob and Jerry to collect the cash of a lottery ticket that they have won. However, their journey to collect cash is not that simple and easier and is a multi level fun filled journey in this online arcade game to play in the puzzle game category.

So, you can either play as a Bob or Jerry in around this 15 levels game. In first level, Jerry who is dog wants to break the sleep of Bob to move on to their expedition of collecting cash won at the lottery. In 2nd level of the game, the Jerry is being able to go under the wall to take advantage of its small size and capture the box that is kept out there.

The third chapter is about going to the side of the wall. In the level you are required to be extra careful as there is a Stick for Jerry. At the 5th level Jerry click in left red bar for stone than bob click on right red bar. He then enters in the centre in this classic arcade games. You even, further, will have to pass other levels as well including zoo and others to enjoy this multilevel game to the fullest excitement in this multiplayer multilevel adventure arcade game. Simply arrow key should be used in this game to make its full enjoyment and excitement.

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