Super Sales

Super Sales Game Overview

Martha and Lori are two beautiful and highly skilled clerks. The target of this free online girls game is to help both the shopkeepers to get their maximum number of products sold.?

This is a fun-loving, free online game for girls and enough to have the best time ever on our website with the right characters. In this dressing game, you can play with these cute and super-friendly shopkeepers by helping them to achieve their target of sale. On the occasion of the annual big sales day, they have a target to encourage the customers, who visit their store, to purchase all kinds of clothes as well as accessories. They need your help. Please assist them to find out the objects for the customers in this flash game.?

They both handle the position of shop assistants in a one small shopping center. They are popular for organizing the sales in the city where they reside. Like everything else, products sold in the grocery store also come with some reasonable discounts that could help the buyers to get the product in their budget. If any discount comes to people, they are ready to shop for the whole day without going to their work. This will help them to save a considerable sum of money while being equipped with some quality objects and clothes.?