Renegade Driver

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Renegade Driver Game Overview

In online Renegade Driver game the driver has missed its mission and is towards the getting abolished as his car is been rigged with explosive so that minimizing the speed of the car below the 70Km/hr could cause it to explode impressively and immediately. 

Hence the only rescue for him has too reached its destination in time without decreasing its speed. Therefore, it this online game as a car racer you have to guide and drive the car in the top speed without crashing with any other objects and obstructions on the road. 

The slightest misadventure or hitting with the object let the car to be blast profusely in one of the most impressive online car racing game. Meanwhile, he is offered with the shooting options and even has a missile in his armory to face attack from the repulsive things or blow away some huge big obstruction that checks his speed, completely. The checking of the speed on the other side causes rips the car apart in hundred pieces. 

It is in Renegade Driver car racing game it depends upon your driving skill that saves him from the ultimate doom death. For the customization of weaponry different options and upgrade are provided in the game. Moreover, for the game control, there arrow keys in the game could be utilized and employed.

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