Planetary Wars

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Planetary Wars Game Overview

Planetary Wars is a unique adventure game online seems to especially devised for star war series lovers, who, have immense appetite to wage war against the rebel forces and unscrupulous risings for power. In the war adventure game, you have been instructed to crush the rebels attack on the planet and annihilate rebel Tal to subjugation and surrender.

Prepared to wage a war on enemies in the outer space, get ready to fight enemy and gear up with weapons to fight rebel and save the planet. As Tal with fleet of war machine is at your door, it is time to attack his army with full force and vigour while playing free adventure game online. As winning the war against him is not that easy and you will have to destruct its entire fleet.

As the Planetary Wars games proceeds in multiple levels across with a goal either to arrest or kill the Tal, the amazing adventure game online begins with buying ammunition. The number of enemies too huge and massive, hence a planned approach only can lead on to the path of success. Along with enemy planes, the most troubling to defeat is enemy is manoeuvring of the planes in the acrobat formations and activities.

With the help of mouse, you can have the full control and command of the mouse. Arrow keys are advised to move along and across. Use the Z key to fire. You further need to have same type of in order to upgrading the fighter spacecraft.

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