I Want To Be A Billionaire 2


I Want To Be A Billionaire 2 Game Overview

This particular genre of game, in the puzzle format though a free arcade game, challenges, the businessman in you to come out and exploit the guts feeling of venture capitalist in you. In this particular mode of business and puzzle game you get indulged into massive activities of making city and becoming rich.

You as a wise business man in this online arcade game get involves in a good number of business activities including Donut shop, ice cream parlour, Bakery shop, Coffee shop, house for rent, steak shop, Ramen shop, house for rent, Hamburger, pizza , House, Small power plant, game shop, music store, book store, gym, boutique, office.

However, in the business your presence at all the business is very necessary and any corrupt practices at your business ruin your business when being checked out at a random raid. If checked out to be any fault at your accounts or practices, you will be legible for penalty.

So in order to protect the business from any sort of impeachment, you must on keep investing into social sector as well. You can intensively invest into a small park, Medium Park, theatre, town hall, large park, Police station and any of other social amenities too. So always be on the high alert about your business in order to become a billionaire.

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