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Heat Rush USA Game Overview

A better version to the Heat Rush Future, the game of the Heat Rush USA, an online free car racing game is better equipped and dealt with this time with respect to levels and upgrades brings a massive options to enjoy this game of speed in a different way and perspective for the full car rushing enjoyment in this play online car racing game.

The most challenging aspect of this free online game is completing the mission, successfully, within the allotted time bound limit. In the game of heat rush USA in all the sixteen levels of the game; you have to maintain a systematic control on the driving speed as well balance. A slant distraction in this free online car racing games let you to lose the race and move away from the track because of going beyond the time limit permitted for playing in the car race.

As far as for the levels in the Heat Rush USA?game that are quite different from the previous version of the game due to the landscapes incorporated in the game. The number of landscapes has been enhanced in this season of the game. The first important level is the key, where, a player is required to qualify for the basic level to participate in the next engaging gaming level. After the key other important levels in the free online game include range, plantation lane, suburb, chilled city, three peaks, rock canyon, desert dunes, metropolitan, arctic forest, storm valley, vardent hills, lakeside drive, sandy run, freeway and the coast.

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