Egyptian Tale

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Egyptian Tale Game Overview

Your reasons to be an avenger on the noble path gets answer at one of the best action adventure game online where you fight against the evil powers to crush in the noble cause of nobility and chivalry. In one of the best adventure games free online named as Egyptian Tale you as a strategist and a leader help the bereaved princess to take the revenge of his father?s death and free her mother land from the hands of enemies.

As a benefactor of the princess that suddenly in the version of this free adventure game online become full of sorrow after the killing of his father by the uncle. She only equipped with only two daggers at the gate of the lost castle need your help to move ahead within the castle. Initially, killing the guards, in the next stage of the amazing adventure game you will help her out fighting a good number of enemies. With every successive level the difficulty in the game increase till the princess captures the entire castle. Also help her to collect the necessary artefacts and gold to buy weapons and armoury for the latter stages of the game.

Use Keys W, S, A, D to walk, double click on them to run. Click the key J to attack and health pick up, key K to jump, L for darts and a combination of J and K to launch a special attack.

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