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Dragon Fist 3d Game Overview

The fighting action Dragon Fist 3D game is one of the best unique and outstanding game for the Kung fu, the renowned marshal art style from china. In this action game for free, you can enjoy all the enthusiasm and action that let you to imbibe the real thrill of Chinese action movies through the levels and modes of Dragon Fist 3D.

In this particular enthralling online action game for free the game for a player?s convenience has been segregated into different sections and parts. The parts in the game are consisted of the stages as Training, in which you are taught about the various modes and activities of the game, especially, the fighting skills as kicking, punching, boxing and others. In the game, you will have to choose the best fighter and customize to fight in the game.

After the training mode, another options available to play the game includes Arcade Mode, Endurance Mode, Quick Fight and 2 Player Mode.

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