Alice & Nix’s Adventure

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Alice & Nix’s Adventure Game Overview

Exploring and moving ahead on the path of exploration and adventure and at the same time confronted with dangers with all thrilling excitement, you achieves in this wondrous platform adventure game online named as Alice and Nix?s adventure, it is a wonderful game to play and enjoy.

Tasked to reach at the mysterious castle of Madam Peach, that, wish to keep her castle shrouded in dark secrets, in this free adventure game online, you, ultimately enters the castle, however, escaping and protecting one from a number booby traps on the way awaiting you, while playing this amazing adventure game absolutely in a unique way and manner.

In one of the cool adventure puzzle game online, it is the location of the Madam?s peach location in the deep forest is protected by the booby trap. And you being either Alice or her brother Nix heads towards Madam Peach?s castle.

Be cautious while heading towards the castle as lethal booby traps are waiting to captivate you, forever. In meantime don?t miss to collect candies in this amazing adventure game online as they assures you updates during the further succession of the game.

After breaking all the puzzles in a single game, you move to the next level of the best adventure game online. But, be wary, in the next level much bigger traps are awaiting to be conquered. Alice & Nixs Adventure game controls are simple like never before to move, jump, run and solve puzzles.

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