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Preferences of a Female Gamer Over Man

Preferences of a Female Gamer Over Man : Atmegame Blog
Games for girls has been a contentious issue since the emergence of female gamers as an important section of gaming fraternity in recent times. The female gamers has been a topic of great discussion among and in the academic, corporate and social circle for a co-relation fetched between online girls gamers and the game they play. 
This attention towards the female game players in recent time has occurred due to their increased numbers in their online gaming fraternity. Around 1990s the number of female players were minuscule, however, with the spanning of the time, the number of female gamers to the present time has increased to a great number. As in the 1990, female gamers were in a very small numbers and have been rose to equal to male players. They have come as much as closer to the half of the gaming population online.

Among many a number of reasons for the increasing girls game numbers the most prominent one is citied as the breakaway of female players from the existing cultural norms and vastly untapped nature of the female gamer market. This has even led to the increased number of problems even for developer, coders and producers having expertise in creating game for the girls. Some of the features of girls game characteristics follow as:-

* There, many a number of statistical surveys have been carried out in recent times that establishes the fact that number of women players has been constantly on rise and best game for girls preference too is massively on the rise.  Dragon Age: Inquisition, Assassins Creed Syndicate and Star Wars: The Old Republic are equally preferred by male as well as female players in gaming category for RPGs, open world games and sci-fi games as well too. 

It is reported that 48% women in the United States have played a video game, of which 6% are serious gamers. The most of them falls under the age group of 18-29. Half of the female PC gamers prefer to call them as core or hardcore gamers. According to a gamer survey conducted EEDAR about 60 percent of female gamers played on mobile devices and that 63 percent of these female mobile gamers have experience of playing multiplayer mobile games.

* Girls gamer are the more popular terms used for online girls games. It is the term that has been used for the female players that has been playing regularly online games.  There is yet debate over the name as girls gamer as some deem it to be inappropriate while others feel it to be age linked.  The word girl is been considered to be unfit for the gamers that are more than 30 years of age.  The term girl gamer is considered for a very small female online game playing population of the player. Therefore, the over embracement of girl game previously as well as at present has led to the negative stereotypes image of female gamers as casual, and sometimes defiant or confrontational, thus resulting into the poor game design. There is no specific girls game category instead there is a broader category of women gamer includes all into one girls game category.

* The other important problem existing with the women player is lack of model player out there. Sometimes the girls gamer feel to change their gender to remain a credible online game player.  Or they simply play whatever the game is coming on their way.  Negative stereotyping of female video game players as girl gamers similarly for the male gamers as they are being looked down upon in the society. Even social disgrace against games even caused girls gamers to refrain away from playing the game online.  Parental guidance has been of support to the girls gamers as of massive use as they are gifted with Barbie or educational games as boys are being given the X box by their guardians to boost up their gaming streak. 

Gaming Genre Preferences by Girls Gamer 

As far as gaming preferences are considered women upon men. In a recent survey by video game analytics company Quantic Foundry of around 270,000 gamers, the following results are being obtained, respectively. Of about 18.5 percent of total surveyed players are female and loves the game mobile match-3 games and social farming games as extensively preferred by women players.  

In the preferences of online girls games, barbie princess, dress up, cooking games and make up games have picked up the craze among serious girls gamers. 

In the sports game category only two percent of sports games players are women and girls. In the tactical shooter game, the number of girls game happen to be only four percent.  36 percent of high fantasy MMO players are girls online game players. Only 23 percent of World of WarCraft players are women. Even in the 18 percent gamer as surveyed, the sci-fi fantasy games are not as popular as high fantasy. Though, girls have more appetite towards the star wars game that has players in the category of as much as of 29 percent women players.  As there are about 41 percent players are girls, yet there enough search yet to have made about the game of their preference and choice. 

Hopefully, with coming times in next year or two game developers focusing squarely upon on cultivating a male audience will soon have a large female player base making their games much healthier and dynamic.