Dated: September 1st, 2020 ,07 PM

Let?s Explore the Game Future and Present Games Technology Together

Letís Explore the Game Future and Present Games Technology Together
Summary: The present trends and future forecasts of the gaming industry are sure to take us to a world where fun possibilities will be far better than we have ever experienced. Let?s explore the current technology trends and future of gaming together.

We are living in a world where things are changed at a rapid rate due to the fastest improving technological sphere. The continuous rise of streaming and digital content platforms has also changed the way audiences interact with their favorite advertisers and brands. Most of brands are now looking forward to adapt the new ways to engage with their customers. Let?s take a pleasure to explore the game future and games technology here in just a few minutes. 

Gaming is no different from the other fields. Propelled by the advanced technology, this industry also includes a great number of professionals who work hard to deliver the heightened brand experiences. As a response, today?s users are allowed to enjoy the live visuals they can play and interact with more easily than before. 

Earlier game engines brought gaming to consoles and PCs and, after the hard work of several years backed by the technological advancement, developers also allowed the smartphone and iPhone users to enjoy gaming in their hand-held devices. You can take a quick look of the gaming industry to learn the fast improvement of digital technology in the last few years. 

Gaming industry has witnessed an unexpected technological evolution in every aspect right from the games developed in 2D technology to the graphically-improved 3D online games and from the prehistoric first-person shooter to the realistic and complex multiple shooters. No matter whether you are a casual or a hardcore gamer ? it has something for everyone. 

A Quick Look at the Revenue of Gaming Industry in 2019

As told earlier that gaming industry is continuously growing and it will soon achieve many milestones. Different revenue figures have got obtained from multiple gaming domains like it has been collected with an amount of $6.3 billion from AR and VR gaming, $29.6 billion from PC gaming and $64.4 billion from mobile gaming. 
Console gaming generated a revenue of approximately $15.4 billion, while the companies worked in the game-related videos have given their contribution with an amount of $6.5 billion. Today there are many big brands like Amazon, Google and Apple, which are looking forward to develop quality games to their users. 
In the late of 2019, Apple came with an idea of releasing a very useful game subscription service known as Apple Arcade. Inspiring from this move, Google also came forward and decided to allow their huge customer base to stream popular game titles directly from the Cloud by launching Stadia. Hey folks! This service has lessened the need of downloading games or fusing with a physical console. 

The Role of AI and Non-Player Characters 

AI has been using by the developers for decades and their primary use can be seen in non-player characters aka NPCs. In the last few years, gamemakers have shown their great interest in depicting the NPCs. These characters will be able to perform only according to whatever written in their code. But, game designers have the command to determine the behavior (intelligence) of NPCs.
Studios and publishers are looking forward to take risks in the gaming industry since they have no choice to determine what users actually like to stay with. You might experience a lot of sophisticated NPCs in games. However, studios might have to suffer with a huge loss in case if it fails to enhance the player?s experience and costs a lot of money. 

Virtual Reality Games 

The advent of virtual reality has played a pivotal role in allowing the users to enjoy an immersive gaming experience. However, experts are still working on this technology to allow more and more users to get an advantage of it. 
The good news is that many renowned firms like Sony, Microsoft, Google and Facebook have come forward to invest a considerable amount to prepare VR based hardware and games. Despite of being expensive, this niche category of the gaming industry continues to provide numerous consumers pause. 
Playing VR games is a treat for the hardcore gamers, and, the best part is many top companies look forward to make the needful developments on the horizon. 

Augmented Reality Games 

It was the summer season of 2016 when a large number of smartphone users got busy in completing Pokemon-catching missions. Can you believe it? The engagement in Pokemon Go, which is a wonderful augmented reality mobile game, took the masses in a world of realism for a while. 
Being available to download for free, this game is highly valued for creating more than $3 billion in sales, primarily from the in-app purchases.

Mobile 5G ? The Ultimate Game Changer

Slow internet speed can restrict you from exploring your favorite online games in your preferred device. In order to rectify this problem, telecommunications firms are working hard to come up with the 5G speed for mobile phone devices in the coming future. Lagggy game experiences will be seen no more very soon and smartphones will be on the state of working faster than before.

This is not good news for the mobile games, but it will also leave the positive impact on the category of AR games. With the implementation of 5G capabilities, it will become easier for you to pull up an AR game with the comparatively lightening speed.