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Join India Gaming Show 2019 to Tap Many Attractive Job and Business Opportunities

India Gaming Show 2019 to Tap Many Attractive Businesses : Atmegame Blog
India Gaming Show is a globally-recognized gaming, animation and infotainment seminar that is conducted every year in India under the supervision of CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) of the Indian Government. The gaming community welcomed the 2018 event wholeheartedly. Again, it received the surprising response from the leading local and international professionals of the industry. 

India Game Show 2019

India Gaming Show 2019 is expected to take place at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi during 03-05 February 2019. With rapidly increasing consumer base and E-commerce solutions in place, the Indian game developer ecosystem will definitely have in a position of tapping many opportunities to provide and create attractive and result-oriented content with cultural and social context. Being a home to advanced technology and creative talent, the Indian markets offer the surprising opportunity for development and collaboration work. 
Visitor Profile
Manufacturers and Sellers of Electronics, Developers and Publishers of Electronic Games, Consoles, Gaming Devices, Gadgets, Games for Smart Phones and Portable Devices.
Exhibitor Product profile
DTH Games, Animation, Banks and Financial Institutions, Game Manufacturers, Game Hardware and Peripheral, Cloud Computing and DB Services, Industrial Games, Consultants, Cosplay, Digital Gamers, i-Games, Game Researchers, Law Firms, Licensing, Media Houses, Microprocessor Design Firm, Merchandise, Mobile Devices / Gadgets, Mobile Games, PC Games, Online Games, Robotics, Simulation Games, Programmers / Developers, Software Developers, Skill and Skills Development, Think tanks, Start-ups, Telecommunication Carriers and Providers, VR Games and Video Games.

India Gaming Show 2018

India Gaming Show 2018 was held at BIEC in Bengaluru from 19th to the 21st of January.  The event also hosted a conference on ?The Indian Digital Gaming Landscape? which covered various E-sports competitions featuring top rated games like Clash Royale, Just Dance, Fifa, Street Fighter, CsGo and Dota2. The event also included a huge array of games for Showcase/Experience Purposes. Visitors also got an opportunity to experience a VR zone in the event. In addition to this, the seminar also featured a Cosplay competition. 
IGS 2018 turned out to be the strongest India?s reply to Gamescom and E3. Gigabyte planned out to try their hands in something different by bringing in a VR Zone at their stall. Apart from the VR games, attendes also got an opportunity to enjoy various games with the help of high level rigs. Visitors also witnessed the hardware, one of the very own and popular products of Gigabyte. People enjoyed it with an interest to check out the next upgrades for their desktop and laptop computers. 

What Attendes IGS 2018 Had to Experience There?

The India Gaming Show 2018 showcased the best video games in India. This year the event also become a platform where the India?s first ever Gaming Show International Exhibition and Conference on the topic named The Indian Digital Gaming Landscape was also conducted. All the topics related to the gaming industry discussed in this highly prestigious affair will definitely benefit the Indian Gaming Ecosystem in many ways in future. 
Most of the talk during the event, especially in the first panel, generally revolved around Monetization in video games. In this segment, there were various interesting aspects covered and debated during the 1-hour discussion. Different experts had different options for the topic. 
Some said that although mobile development is easy and gaining popularity worldwide, it?s pretty more tiresome to monetize than any other video game format. While, others urged the Indian development division to design and develop more and more content for the consoles. They considered it as a much more rewarding area for both profits and acclamation.
The second panel of the concentrated on micro-transaction, e-sports, and loot-boxes. They also highlighted the boundaries of gambling in India. Attendes enjoyed this discussion more than the former one. 
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