Dated: November 15th, 2019 ,05 PM

Good Bye Flash Games from 2020 : HTML5 Games will be Future of Online Gaming

Good Bye Flash Games from 2020 :  HTML5 Games will be Future of Online Gaming : Atmegame Blog
Most of browsers will stop supporting the flash games by 2020. HTM5 games will replace them with more features, better gaming experience and no need of plugin installation. 

In the early 2000s, people started installing the multimedia platform, flash, on their desktop computers at a rapid rate with an objective to gain quick access to the interactive web pages and online games. The technology, originally developed by popular company named Macromedia and later purchased by Adobe was also highly valued to enjoy playback video and audio content. 

The multimedia platform began receiving the immense popularity when the former PayPal employees developed YouTube in 2005 and planned to bring the technology into use to display the compressed video content on the web. Users were allowed to get connected with the interactive content with much ease that HTML5 didn?t offer initially. 

However, with the improved specifications of HTML5 technology, users can do anything ? whether it?s a requirement of playing games or watching videos online. Additionally, many major browsers have already showed the red signal to the flash technology by not supporting it, and, this is going to be applied with almost all the browsers by 2020. 

Flash was not less than a big asset for Adobe. However, today?s is the mobile era where users want to experience the audio and video experience the audio and video content with touch interfaces, low power devices and open web standards. And, unfortunately, Flash fails on all these three major areas. 

As per the data provided recently by Parisa Tabriz, Director of Engineering at Google, it has been seen a huge downfall in the number of flash users with a mere of 8% in 2018, which was calculated 80% of all websites in 2014. 
The technology was already ditched as the default player by the leading video streaming website ? YouTube in 2015. It was also the very surprising moments for the gamers when Kongregate showed some very eye-opening data related to the use of flash based games on their website. 

Why Are Flash Games Soon Going to Be a History Soon?

The Adobe Corporation owns and licenses the proprietary technology ? Flash. The main problem is that both the tech giants and the end-users have started ignoring this multimedia platform because future will welcome the web, that will be built on open technology. 
As a response, Adobe itself recognizes the fact that the time has come when we need to close Flash since it doesn?t meet the changing needs of its end users. Flash games require constant updates are highly insecure. The games based on this technology asks for the extra battery consumption, so they are a just like a battery-drain when they are played on mobile phone devices. 

What Are the Benefits of Introducing HTML5 Games?

Also known as the advanced HTML specification, HTML5 is sufficient enough to perform all the tasks that Flash does in a better way. Even this latest technology has a lot new to say to those who love to explore the HTML5 based games during their spare time. Let?s know what make HTML5 betters than the flash technology:

These games allow the users to enjoy the immersive gaming experience without installing or downloading the third-party software to develop applications. Well, you will have the person to develop directly in the browser because it is being supported worldwide. 

You can enjoy all your favourite HTML5 games based on different categories designed with the help of HTML5 technology on all major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

HTML5 technology is also known to support the webgl, which actually opens up the doors for the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). In simple words, we would like to explain it for you that the applications available in the browser are sufficient enough to use your graphics card, while allowing the users to enjoy the matchless 3D experiences.
Users were not in a stage of experiencing the same with the Flash technology, while restricting them to 2D or faux 3D due to the limitations of hardware.