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Difference Between AUGMENTED REALITY (AR) and VIRTUAL REALITY (VR) Gaming Technology

What is AUGMENTED REALITY (AR) and VIRTUAL REALITY (VR) Gaming Technology : Atmegame Blog
Till now we came across different types of technological development which have been growing at a very fast rate.
Example- Development of smartphones with new features day by day.
Apart from these, there is one such technology which has been blossoming and has became one of the profitable entertainment industries in the world, it is our ?GAMING TECHNOLOGY?.

As we all know technology can change the way one look at the world, this can be better understood by knowing about the ?AUGMENTED REALITY? (AR) and the ?VIRTUAL REALITY? (VR).
Many people think that AR and VR are synonyms, but in reality both these terms have different meanings. Since there is an increasing use of AR and VR in technology, so knowing their difference is important. You can check VR technology base game - VR Scary Games

It is defined as the use of digital information to enhance the experience of real world.
Unlike VR, it adds onto one?s vision by adding elements to a live video which can be done using a camera on a smartphone. This can be easily understood by relating the concept with the famous game ?POKEMON GO?, which uses your phone?s camera to track your surroundings and also allows you to add information on top of it.


Beside the Pokemon Go game, AR is also used in apps for smartphones and tablets. It uses the camera of your phone to show you a view of the real world and then permits you to add a piece of information in the form of either text or images.
Pokemon Go is also one of the examples of the AR apps which can be used for fun.
It also has many other uses like in the LAYAR APP, which shows you interesting information about things like places you visit, etc.
Using this feature of the AR apps, one can also find money machines, restraints and also see the real estate for sale.

It is defined as the use of computer technology to immerse user in a completely different world i.e. it completely parts you from the physical/real world. VR can also be referred as ?ARTIFICIAL ZONE? like we see an Animation. VR headsets are commonly used in VIRTUAL REALITY. By putting a VR headset over your eyes, one feels completely transformed to another place. It may block the surroundings and you may feel blindfolded. Hence with VR you can visit those places you thought you cannot be.

There are various types of VR devices using which one can be easily transported to a land of fantasy.
Some of them are:
HTC Vive, Oculus Rift-which is also called special VR viewer.
Other VR viewers are VR apps like Google cardboard or daydream view.

From the recent researches, we can see a rapid growth in the gaming industry in India.
With the invention of smartphones the gaming experience has become global. Since the last few years the industry?s growth is driven by smartphones as more and more users are spending time on mobile gaming, especially online gaming.
According to a recent report, India is expected to have a growth rate of about 20% with online gamers.
Hence, telecom industry has become a boon for gaming industry these days.


                        AR                                VR
  • * It is more immersive.
  • * It has more freedom to the user.
  • * It can be experienced by simply using a smartphone.
  • * It can be experienced by wearing some sort of headset or helmet or goggles.
  • * People in AR can interact with both the virtual and the real world.
  • * People in VR find it hard to differentiate between the real and the virtual world.


Since gaming is the biggest growth area so it is hard to differentiate that which is dominant over the other as both have their own significance, users and marker place.

But according to recent condition, we know what VR can do and with the innovative gaming industry it have a raised bar between them and may even raise it further.

But does it mean that AR is less than VR?

Definitely not! AR has given more freedom to its users then VR so it also has possibilities for marketers because it does not need to be head mounted display.

Final Thoughts: With the improved technology, gaming world has also witnessed something more than it expected. The advent of AR then VR has helped users to enjoy the amazing gaming experience in their favorite devices. Keep exploring best AR and VR games to take your fantasy to the fullest!