Best Ideas to Carefully Celebrate Halloween in 2020 At Home

  /  October 27th, 2020

Best Ideas to Carefully Celebrate Halloween in 2020 At Home : Atmegame Blog

Summary : Let?s highlight here some of the best and secure ways to celebrate Halloween in 2020 at your home. Know the origin of festival and lots more

It is time to look scary and creepy as Halloween is approaching us so fast! Shout like the witches, try to become the bed-sheeted ghosts or do anything that could remind you of the frightening moments and fill your heart with full of joy and thrill! You are on holiday and ready to deliver the best out of your wicked side.

No! You cannot get hurt anyone, but your objective is to visit your friends? or relatives? home carrying the weird looks. Hey friends! The best part is that you can also be rewarded with the delicious candies, some other sweets or food items if you succeed in impressing them. Grab your last year Halloween costumes or buy new dresses to get into festival spirit!

The Origin of Halloween Festival

Halloween is a most awaited festival and celebrated each year on the last date of the October month. This holiday has now evolved as an occasion to perform a number of activities to do in a day including festive gatherings, carving jack-o-lanterns, trick-or-treating, eating treats and donning costumes.

People from different age groups get together and have fun on the evening of October 31st. The origin of the festival dates back to the ancient religion of the Celtic tribes i.e. circa 500 B.C. Celts were a believer of the spirit world and loved worshiping the mother nature.

They are a believer of more than 300 gods. Sun was their chief God, as a response, most of Celts celebrated two major festive occasions revolving around the sun. They enjoyed the festival spirt on Beltane when the summer season gets started and the second occasion is Saman or Samhain when the winter season begins.

According to Celts, Samhain, the lord of death starts dominating the power of Sun God when the summer ends. On the evening of October 31, Samhain accumulates all the evil spirts who are no more and left their human bodies last year and asks them get back to their home to visit the living.

Over the time, the Celtic concept of witches and ghosts mixed up with Roman and later it got blended with Christian customs. In most of the parts of Britain and Ireland, Halloween was also marked as the Mischief Night when people with different creepy looks come outside of their houses to play pranks on each other.

How Is Halloween Celebrated?

Today, Halloween has become a big festival of fun for kids, teenagers and grown-ups. It?s amazing to see kids dressing up as little monsters, witches or ghosts. There is no surprise to spot the adults dressing up as demons. Kids go from one house to another, knock their door and cry ?trick or treat?. Adults available in the home give children a pack of buns, apples or some candies to please them.

A List of Activities to Do on Halloween In 2020

If you love this festival, then you would definitely enjoy purchasing some spooky over-the-top costumes and decoration items. However, celebrating the occasion is not limited at all to buying the Halloween related items. There are plenty of sugar-filled and festive activities where you can participate in to have fun by staying within your budget.

The best part is that most of these ideas can be performed without leaving the comfort of your home. This year we need to be extra careful while inviting friends and families to our home. Make sure to remain socially distanced and help all to enjoy a safe and secure haunting Halloween house party.

We have highlighted a list of the few best ways to securely celebrate Halloween in 2020. Right from preparing yummy fall food items to setting up a few festive Halloween games ? these ideas will guide you to get the best out of the festival. Let?s explore here the best Halloween ideas for a wonderful, socially distanced holiday:

1. Prepare a Spooky Snack

Why you need to miss out the traditional Halloween activities like visiting a haunted place or tricking-or-treating with your friends when you can have the same fun by making a lip-smacking spread of spooky snacks?

2. Play Halloween Games Online

There are many Halloween based games where you can enjoy the spirit of your favourite festival. These monster-inspired games will be enough to have a bright smile on your faces during the holiday. Elsa Scary Halloween Makeup, Happy Halloween, Mummy Candies, Halloween Bubble Shooter, and Elsa Scary Halloween Makeup are some of the best titles to try out.

3. Try Out Your Favourite Halloween tracks

No Halloween party is complete without some festive tunes. Prepare a list of your favourites and get ready to enjoy a dance party or explore a game of freeze dance!

4. Watching Halloween Movies is a Great Fun

You can keep yourself busy for plenty of hours by watching a Halloween-themed movie or show. There are many popular TV channels where you can spot such movies to keep you engaged throughout the evening and night of the holiday.

5. Join a Nearby Trick-or-treat Parade

Your local newspaper has helped you to collect the information about an outdoor Halloween parade or any kind of other socially distanced carnival.

6. Decorate Whatever You Want

There are lots of interesting and engaging ideas you can try out to make your spooky celebration more special than ever before. Being a kid, you can wake up to the adorable ghost emoji balloons. This will make you can feel like Halloween is going to be perfectly festive.

7. Plan for A Virtual Party

At the time of this deadly pandemic, it?s nice to host virtual get-togethers. Grab your drink, put on a costume and invite all your near and dear ones to attend a Halloween Zoom party!

Delivering festive treats to loved ones, going on a family bike riding or walking, mixing a spooky cocktail, painting your kids? faces, making a fall craft, doing a tarot card reading, making some spooky sweets, and go ghosting are some of the best ways to safely celebrate Halloween in 2020.

Final Words:

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention have already stated the guidelines for Halloween party fun this year. Make sure to enjoy the spirt of your favourite holiday at home with your families and friends. Follow the bunch of ways we have discussed above to make October 31 feel special! Choose any out of them and be prepared to make this year celebration the happiest one possible!!

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