Dated: March 30th, 2020 ,06 PM

Best 5 Online Games to Play for Free Without Download during Lockdown

Best 5 Online Games to Play for Free Without Download during Lockdown : Atmegame Blog
Summary: Are you getting bored these days due to the lockdown during the Covid-19 outbreak? Try out these 5 most popular online games to play to beat your boredom during lockdown!

As the entire world is going through the unprecedented pandemic Covid-19, more and more people seek a way how to escape from the feeling of boredom when they are sitting back at home 24/7. Like many other countries all over the world, India has also witnessed a 21-day lockdown in the light of pandemic. 

Whether you are advised to work from home by your organization, or have decided to get you self-isolated in a room of your house, playing games online can help you beat your boredom in a way like no one can do. The engagement in such kind of activities doesn?t only help to kill time, but their role in providing them with a safe and secure way to have fun is also matchless. 

Here is a list of top five free games that can be played online without download during your quarantine or home stay during the lockdown:

In this cool bike racing game, you will be allowed to unleash your inner bike riding skills. Challenges are very big and all you need to do is grab your bike, put a helmet on your head and get you ready to beat the clock on very challenging off road circuits. Difficulties and obstacles will keep rising as you progress in different 25 highly addictive levels. 

You should not miss it out in case if you are seriously looking forward to drive a bike on the track like you have never seen before. This virtual racing environment is capable enough to keep you busy for hours in these scary and uncertain times. Perform many cool stunts to get your bike through deadly loops and tricks to win the competition in this online motorbike game!

The Office Guy is a brand new action-packed free online game where the corporate environment is different from what you have seen before. Both Manager and Boss are very cruel and don?t hesitate in killing the staff in case of not being obeyed their rules and regulations. Join this best fighting game as a hero and help people by killing the boss!

You will have 10 tasks to complete. Don?t forget to grab the briefcase to bring it to a successful end! You will have a baseball bat to attack on culprit employees. Play wisely to grab some points and unlock new awesome weapons like machine guns, shotguns, and a dangerous rocket launcher! Step into a fierce office environment and kill all who come on your way between you and boss! 

This cool free online billiard game is full of entertainment and fun and sufficient enough to allow you to practice your intense pool playing skill. Use the cue ball to send other balls to any of the six holes available on the pool table! Play Vs timer or play Vs other player as per your choice! Try to score only your balls to stay in the game and avoid scoring a cue ball in pocket!

You will be out of the game if you score 3 fouls. Score your 8 balls to clear each level! This one of the best pool game features amazing graphics, cool background music and simple controls. It takes a few minutes to provide you with a wonderful platform where only unlimited fun possibilities exist. 

This fabulous html5 flying game allows you to control a plane that is equipped with plenty of weapons. Your decision making power will be improved for sure when you clear all the levels of this one of the best adventure games for boys. Play this aeroplane game in your computer, mobile phone and give boring hours a matchless fun treat!
Your objective is to clear the sky from all the bad planes and allow you to cover the maximum distance. Put your plane flying skills to challenge to maneuver the direction safely, destroy all your enemies and make your country feel proud!  

If you are a bike racing addict and looking forward to enjoy your obsession for speed in the virtual world, Highway Rider Extreme is surely a must try free online game to play. This cool bike racing will teach you how to dominate the highways through your ultimate two wheeler driving skills. 

Don?t hesitate in riding your motorbike at a speed of 180 mph to get you through from the crowded road! Try to reach the finish line as fast as you can without being crashed with any other vehicle on the road! Dodge traffic, collect as much coins as possible and get your motorbike through the death-defying obstacles! Get ready to explore the endless fun on the highway!

Apart from these top five online games, you can also find a wider game choice over a trusted online gaming website - and

No matter what reason you have to stay within the walls of your home, these cool fun-filled games don?t only help you to pass your boring hours, but also bravely combat the spread of virus. 

Good luck for a happy gaming experience while beating the Covid-19 lockdown!!