5 Most Popular Online Action Games Thay you Want to Play

  /  June 16th, 2022

5 Most Popular Online Action Games Thay you Want to Play : Atmegame Blog

Online games have been improved and come a long way from the simple and easy patterns in the recent years. The improvement in the selection of characters and storylines has played a pivotal role in helping users get glued to the screen.

A lot of improvements have taken place in graphic capabilities, as a result, you can see now many unexpected changes in the levels of action.

Many gaming companies took the advantage of it by introducing the revolutionary titles in the popular action game genre. However, not all of them got the same response, but some online action games hit the market with a registration in a whopping number from different types of devices, including PCs, mobile phones, tablets as well as iPhones and iPads.

First-person shooters have their own category. Let?s have a quick look at the best 10 action games for boys that can ensure you get the long hours of thrill and excitement:

1. Strike Expert

Strike Expert is an amazing edition in the category of action-packed challenges that primary follow difficult missions, bullets, battlefield, and blood-thirsty enemies. You join as a soldier who is expert at gun handling and has a rich experience of completing multiple successful missions in the past.

Keep finishing all of the missions one by one to collect the maximum number of coins, which you can use later to upgrade your inventory of advanced weapons. Complete your goals, but try to be as careful as you can since you will have only four lives to use in this free HTML5 shooter!

2. Knight Vs Zombies

Have you ever imagined to be in an environment surrounded by a horde of blood-thirsty zombies? Do you want to experience the thrill and excitement of surviving through the highly challenging city that is invaded by the undead? Another action-packed challenge is ready to take you in such a city that is filled with the deadly zombies.

Join this amazing battle, fight like a champion, clear the city from these undead and get ready to prove yourself as the real fighter once again! Use your weapons like knives to defeat all of them and keep fighting until the boss is killed! You can also purchase the improved upgrades to make your character pretty strong.

3. Office Strike

Girls also love playing the realistic action-packed adventure challenges. The next fighting game talks about the two girls who want to challenge each other to maintain the supremacy in their office. Be on the side of girl you want and get ready to fight like never before in this one of the highly exciting and interesting virtual battle!

It is up to you whether you want to join the Dominators or Office Team. You can use the sharp splinters of the demolished items as a weapon. Keep finishing all the heartless enemies in your room and achieve your goal in the each level of this one of best 3D shooter games for boys!

4. Kung Fu Street

This awesomely-designed virtual shooting game is meant for all those who want to practice Kung Fu skills without hurting anyone else on the other side. You as a fighting champion have to help a person who is skilled in kung fu, but today needs your help to prove his warrior skills. Kick, punch, and do everything you can to send your opponents to the hell before they kill you.

The best part is that your fighter is skilled in martial arts and self-defense karate and you only need to guide him to take the needful action. Practice all the fighting styles you know to defend your team and win the battle against the cruel enemies! Hope your guidance will again help the character get the success in wearing the crown of being the best Kung Fu fighter of the street!

5. Robot Hero City Simulator 3D

There are plenty of complex and engaging day and night missions to deal with in this advanced 3D fighting environment that can make the combat more intense. The eye-popping three dimensional graphics, seamless gameplay, different types of advanced weapons and a huge horde of robots will give you the action feels that look pretty real and attractive.

With a whopping number of online play without download, Robot Hero City Simulator 3D ensures you to offer a matchless action experience. Your objective is to help the robot to escape safely from the police and military. Make sure to guide your robot through all 30 levels and complete each level with the maximum points possible.

Final Words:

The list of best action games online is very wide. However, we have covered here only the ones that impressed our gaming senses. May be your action game preferences might be pretty different. But, the topics we discussed above are also sure to offer an ultimate experience of intense action. Good luck!