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10 Best Online Car Racing Games That Gained Huge Appreciation in 2017

10 Best Online Car Racing Games That Gained Huge Appreciation in 2017 : Atmegame Blog
Many electrifying and thrilling car racing games have surprized the senses of millions of racing game enthusiasts in the year of 2017.  The finest fun and entertainment of Maria Kart 8 Deluxe to the incredible realism of F1 2017 is enough to take you to a world full of possibilities and imaginations. Although several games inevitably did more business more than they were supposed to deliver, these 10 best car racing games have something special to offer to the community of gamers. 

1. F1 2017
F1 2016 was a big hit in last year, however the new version of Codemasters? hit racing sim has grabbed a good position with the introduction of F1 2017.  The classic F1 cars, the latest liveries and better graphics have helped it to make a unique place in the hearts of online car racing game lovers. Entering into this world ensures gamers to have more challenges and fun as well as more features.  
The judgement on the basis of your votes, which counted in the percentage of 20.1 percent helped F1 2017 top in the list while securing the place of the best racing game of the year. 

2. Project CARS 2
Project CARS 2 takes the top spot with its state-of-the-art graphics, easy control, amazing gameplay and a finest garage full of eclectic dream cars. The huge 17.5 percent of the vote makes it a must-have game for petrol-heads. Being entered into the game, gamers get a chance to see some of the world?s popular iconic cars that they have ever seen, including Ferrari F40 LM and Porsche 962C. 

3. DiRT 4
DiRT 4 has actually proved to be a big treat to all those who are passionate to explore the fast-paced racing world without being aware of the good driving skills. Coming with a comparatively less challenging gamer mode, it provides users with a more realistic simulation environment. That is why DiRT 4 has got a success when it comes to appealing and welcoming to a world of newcomers. Securing 14.7 percent of the vote, it has evolved as one of most popular racing games that have ever produced. 

4. Gran Turismo Sport
Leaving behind its biggest competitors, Gran Turismo Sport managed to secure the fourth place with 14.4 percent of the gamer?s votes. It is considered as one of those games for them gamers waited for long. 
The more realistic vehicle handling, improved graphics and new racing modes have given gamers a jaw-dropping car racing experience. 
With the exploration of every level, you would get to know how developers paid extra attention to every important detail. There are various plus points which have made Gran Turismo Sport as one of the most in-demand games of 2017. 

5. Forza Motorsport 7
It?s been a big hit for petrolheads, providing gamers with a racing experience they can match with nothing else. 
Forza Motorsport 7 is an exceptionally-designed racing game packed with stunning graphics that could make you feel like things are happening in the real environment. 
Dynamics and weather conditions look like the real thing especially when you explore it on your supercharged Xbox One X.  Real-life wheels and the elimination of an onscreen steering wheel especially in a case when you want to race on your own are several important details which helped the game to collect a surprising 10.5 percent of the vote. 

6. WRC 7
Everyone was talking about DiRT 4 when it came to rally sims in the year of 2017. However, the release of WRC 7 has helped rally fans to experience something really unique and exciting. In order to make WRC 7 a more powerful driving experience, a kind of extra attention was taken by developers Kylotonn. With his best efforts and hard work, now gamers can enjoy racing in a more realistic environment than ever before.  
Taking a handy 9.7 percent of the vote, WRC 7 grabs the sixth place. 

7. Need For Speed Payback
Need For Speed Payback introduced in the gaming arena with a completely unique style of racing for NFS games.  Many experts consider it as a major source of replacing a blockbuster storyline and hyper-focused car culture with varied game objectives.  Although the huge choice of exclusively-designed cool cars and the ability to get into a massive open world allow gamers to pass their many hours with ease, the extra collection of cars has made this game a preferred choice when it comes to trying out something different.  
Need For Speed Payback is on the seventh place with approximately 5.6 % of the vote. 

8. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Although Mario Kart 8 Deluxe left the lesser impact on the minds of gamers as compared to Codemasters? racing simulations that was released this year, it?s enough to create an environment full of fun and entertainment.  Being addictive and having unmatched graphics and easy gameplay, this game has gotten the success of securing the sixth place with 3.8 percent of the votes. 

9. Gear.Club
Gear.Club, right from the platform of Nintendo?s Switch, has today seen as a great success for the gaming industry. 
Earlier started as a finest mobile game, it later introduced as a biggest multiplayer game with outstanding visuals, stunning graphics, easy control and fabulous gameplay. 
Designed for both boys and girls, Gear.Club secures the ninth position among the 10 best racing games with 2.3 percent of the vote.
10. WipEout Omega Collection
Recreating the intense high-speed action of the original 1995 PlayStation game, WipEout Omega Collection maintains its position at number 10 with approximately 1.3 percent of the vote. The realism created by the game is simply amazing. Choose from different racers and loads of tracks.  
The presence of HDR visuals and easy and simple control make them a popular choice among kids and grown-ups. 
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