10 Best Free Online Puzzles to Play At Home in 2022

  /  March 25th, 2022

10 Best Free Online Puzzles to Play At Home in 2022 : Atmegame Blog

In many countries across the world, the government has already restricted people from having any non-essential travel with a motto to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. This has left a few very options to people, who are at their home, to entertain themselves.

The government continues advising people to go through the guidelines to encourage them for the social distancing. Even there is no shortage of the documentaries that are made covering those who are breaking the rules set by the concerned authority.

We can understand that staying at home can be pretty tricky especially when you have nothing special to do. Well, finding out the right kind of puzzles can help to you focus your attention and enjoy some real fun while using your valuable time in a productive yet relaxing way.

With an objective to take care of your entertainment part, we have covered here 10 best free online puzzles that you can play at home alone or with your friends. Check them out the most relevant puzzles to keep your brain active all the time:

1. Witch Crossword

Do you think that your knowledge of words is pretty impressive? Check out this awesomely designed crossword puzzle to walk through the dark witch?s forest. Hey! Make sure to find all the words to clear the level.

Why do you rush to the newspaper to enjoy the awesome word challenge when you can do it online? Fix the mistakes to make your job easier. Can you dare to accept this mind-boggling crossword puzzle?

2. Sudoku Challenge

In this one of the best arcade games for boys and girls, users can sharpen their mathematical skills. One to four players can participate and challenge the match skills of each other. There are different game modes and grid sizes to choose from. Try to finish all the puzzles to obtain the maximum stars possible!

Individuals with good logical skills and improved memory can find it pretty interesting and engaging. The attractive interface and nice sound can help to keep you busy for long.

3. Atmegame

One of highly emerging online game platform Atmegame features a wider collection of free online puzzle games that can challenge your brain power and improve the memory amazingly. Over the website, you can also find out puzzle challenges that are quirky or story-based.

Try them out at least once to enjoy a much bigger variety of interesting online puzzles!

4. Mahjong Solitaire

Mahjong Solitaire is a board game where you have to match the identical tiles to complete the levels. Match two free titles together to clear the tiles in this one of the best brain power games for kids! It is easy to learn the tricks, but quite difficult to master.

Users can find out the multiple images and characters printed on the tiles to keep them busy. Try to challenge your brain to solve out all the flower series and season series and prove yourself as the biggest puzzle solver.

5. Tetris

Who doesn?t have the love for Tetris? Almost every game freak has heard about it and wants to enjoy this extremely addictive shape-fitting puzzle. The objective of the users is to clear all the horizontal lines of blocks to create the maximum scores possible.

Make sure to fill the lines with different shaped blocks and ensure that there is no empty space available on the board to prove yourself as the true lover of Tetris.

6. Undead 2048

Halloween night is awesome for many and some want to make it extra special by browsing through some amazing puzzle challenges to make their mood fresh. And, the celebration gets double if the puzzle game is based on the Halloween theme that also covers a scary castle.

In this free online Halloween monster game, users have to combine pairs of ghost and demons to solve the puzzle. Try to mix all the pumpkins and do not forget to send them all to the Hell itself.

7. 1010 Block Puzzle

Are you ready to build and destroy the full lines of both vertically and horizontally? If yes, this fun filled and addictive online puzzle challenge is just for you. Focus on clear the blocks by fitting the shapes into rows of 10 to achieve your objective!

Forget the match 3 competition, and keep yourself away from the worries of finishing your task timely as there is no time limit and no color matching problem to face off. Make enough space for the new blocks by eliminating the old ones strategically on 10x10 board.

8. Word Chef Cookies

What will be an amazing experience of improving your vocabulary in a kitchen-inspired environment? You can enjoy this brain teaser in two different modes including Arcade and Time Counting (Classic). Find out all the meaningful and hidden words by connecting all the cookies you see on the plate!

Try to eliminate the candy in the shortest time possible to hit the board with the maximum scores possible! Give it a try to enhance your knowledge about different English words!

9. Puzzle Brain

This classic puzzle is a combination of some tricky puzzles and memory test and the winner will be the only ones who have the skill to challenge their visual memory perfectly. Find 9 cubes on the screen when you enter the game and make sure to put pressure on your mind to memorize the cat faces on that squares or cubes to find out their appropriate pattern.

There will be different series of brain teasers combined with several number of cats and cubes. Test the multiple riddles and challenging tests to score higher in the end!

10. Jigsaw Puzzle Classic

Are you tired of playing the traditional patterns of online jigsaw puzzles and seeking something new during this lockdown? Check out this arcade challenge to enjoy the spellbound experience and find out a completely unique way to keep you busy!

Solving the puzzle requires patience and a test of intelligence. Play this free puzzle game to relax your mind and say goodbye to all your boring hours during your long stay at home!