10 Best Free Online Adventure Games to Play in 2022

  /  February 3rd, 2022

10 Best Free Online Adventure Games to Play in 2022 : Atmegame Blog

Not all of us want to go on the adventurous activities to make us feel good. Some also have a desire of enjoying the unmatched adrenalin rush without going outside. And, this kind of feeling becomes common when we are not allowed to come out from our home during the lockdown or long stay at home.

Yes, doing imagine such kind of things that are surrounded by the virtual adventure was pretty impossible several years back. However, now it?s easy to find out plenty of amazing places that are surrounded by the awesome adventurous story lines.

Let?s check out a list of top 10 free online adventure games that can help you enjoy the realistic adventurous life while allowing you to spend couple of fun hours a day:

1. Pirates vs Zombies

If you love pirates and zombies, this action-adventure packed game can surprise you with its seamless gameplay, colourful graphics and engaging content. There is a path that is full of bloodthirsty zombies and your job is to keep your place free from these deadly souls. You would have plenty of weapon choices so do not need to put yourself under threat for long.

The zombies will be in full of aggression and the only way to deal with them is to kill them as fast as you can. Defeat these bad souls, win the battles to earn points and use them to upgrade your weapons and explosives throughout 10 levels!

2. Warriors League

Do you have a dare to guide a band of brave warriors? Join Warriors League and gear up to go on a completely unique fighting adventure where only the winners survive. Your kingdom is invaded by a huge group of evil dominion and you as its owner have taken a charge of freeing it up from these mindless souls.

Many challenges will be there to face off but you are sure to feel the limitless excitement and thrill on this cool free online fighting adventure. Control a knight, an archer or a magician and travel through the multiple deadly lands!

3. Battle For Kingdom

We are quite sure that you have not faced the war adventure like this before. Use your insane fighting abilities to protect your kingdom and its princess against the army of deadly monsters, muddy demons and radioactive burgers!

Prepare a strategy to stand straight against the horde of dangerous enemies and make your win through all unique and highly addictive 40 levels! Try to grab as many coins as you can to upgrade your weapons and purchase new characters!

4. Battleship Arena

In this one of the best free online games for boys, you will get a chance to witness the biggest water war adventure of your life. You should not miss it out especially if you love spending time with ships and missiles. Your goal is to destroy the ships of your enemies as fast as you can to be a winner in each level.

There is no need to show pity on them and keep firing until their last ship gets finished. Choose from a wide collection of advanced and dangerous weapons before entering the battlefield!

5. Gold Miner

Who would not like to be a part of a free online adventure game where digging for jewels and gold nuggets take place? Yes, the player has to perform the role of a Gold Miner who will be responsible for controlling a crane that is used to grab the items made up of gold.

Avoid all types of hurdles, achieve the set target to grab money and do not forget to use it to buy new upgrades like explosives and other useful things to make your mining work more effective. You will have multiple levels to play through in this biggest adventure of the town.

6. Stack Jump

A cute boy has left his home to go on a very exciting and sensational adventure. Would you like to become a part of it and guide him to explore the awesome scenery of a beautiful city? Join Stack Jump and get yourself ready to guide him how to jump on stacks of bricks perfectly! Try to keep him away from being collided with any of the platforms for his long survival!

Every safe jump helps increase your score while boosting your multiplier. Play nicely to set your top score in all 6 levels and prove yourself as the biggest jumper of the city!

7. Scary Run

OMG! This time a little and lovely boy needs your help again. Would you dare to show him the way to escape from an area that is surrounded by the multiple dangerous obstacles? Try out Scary Run now and be prepared to keep him away from the deadly zombies and silly monsters!

Hey! The irritating horde of crows in the air will also be there to stop you from moving forward in this brand new adventure game. Keep your character away from the skeleton that will keep chasing him continuously! Grab coins to upgrade the skills of your characters and buy new ones!

8. Rocky Jetpack

Why do you join every time an adventure challenge that takes place on the surface? There is no loss in trying out the one that occurs in the air. Another fun adventure will allow you to control a character who flies and shoot the enemies in the air.

Everyone is known for his unique skills and this young boy is popular for his amazing tool creating abilities. A significant number of monsters has entered the forest with a motto of invading its large area and this brave young man wants to protect it at any cost. Join him and get ready to clean the area from these heartless monsters!

9. Santa Run

A combination of Christmas celebration and adventure-packed journey can give you the fun and entertainment of hours. Meet a special guest Santa who is on a mission to run and grab the gifts without being caught by his enemies.

You as a player have to guide him to collect as much gifts as you can so that the Father can bring smiles on the faces of the maximum children possible. The best part is that there is no download required to play adventure game online as it is freely accessible through multiple devices.

10. Joee Adventure

The character of the game named Joee has lost the way and he wants to exit the place at any cost. Join this HTML5 platformer challenge to guide him spot the exit gate through all 24 unique and addictive levels! Make him jump over the barrier and try to grab the stones to complete your task.

Focus on deleting the blue and green sections of the path to make your character reach the lower level! Good luck to extract the valuable rubies for the character and make his grandfather and grandmother feel proud on him!