Zombie Night

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Zombie Night Game Overview

There is no better way to survive against the zombies’ is except fighting against them. And what, the protagonist is doing in this intense action game presented before you in a nerve breaking, war game Zombie game genre named as a Zombie Night. So, as a saviour of mankind against the evil headed flesh eater zombies, you come into action by picking the Gun Against them to wage a full war head on. In this multi level free action game online, you are entrusted with responsibility. As each level represented by a day, in the game, you finally wage a war by hitting them in an action adventure game online.

The number of zombies, simultaneously, increases by the number of successive levels in the game and their power to attack too. This is the game all about the survival in a protest against the Zombie attack. The more as a fighter, you survive in the game as better there you will be in attacking the foes by the means of upgrades and better weaponry available to you, in one of the best action games online.

In free online Zombie Night game, you would have to move between shields and no to shoot the zombies. Each zombie has a lifeline shown over their head. To eliminate a zombie, keep on attacking him, unless the red line disappears completely.

For controlling the game simply click on the up and down arrow on the screen to move between shields. Click on the bullet icon to shoot.


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