Yeti Rampage Game Overview

Yeti Rampage is an exclusive game for the online girl game lovers that are immensely found of activities, where you get a control over the yeti that has been set to play havoc and destruction around on your command. As, it had been bounded by the rogues, therefore, it has showcased its anger over now everything that is coming across its way. The girls online yeti rampage game has been distributed and can be played at multiple levels.

The game begins with pressing the space bar that let yeti to release itself from the poll where it has been bounded. With its sheer power it broke the pole and set itself free from the clothes and there on keeping the pace to much fast and rampant.

In this animal game for kids, the yeti has great anger against humans in this free online game for the girls. He is breaking down everything that is coming on his way. Whether, it is electric poles or some other object as all are getting the wrath of the yeti upon them.

With every successive level in the animal game for the girl, the difficulty for the yeti becomes harder as well ranging him further till he doesn’t complete his mission. For the control in the game, use arrow key for the movements, whereas for the action to be taken by the yeti use space bar.


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