Y8 Snakes

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Y8 Snakes Game Overview

The game of Y8 Snakes is a game that once again in your brain gets the memory of action and fighting game revisited and is the most advanced one version of the action game to be found and played anywhere as one of the best action fighting games, online. In the game, there is the option to get the caterpillar could easily be passed away from another one in one of the mouse-driven game.

The caterpillar has to remain stuck in the game by eating the leaves and plants that are being left out there, however, in the game, there is chances that you have to avoid the clash from the another one and pushing the tails towards the another caterpillar in the fighting game online offer you an amazing trick. As your? caterpillar tail gets pinched from the backside to another insect, it gets died immediately and you get the good scoring point for that. The reverse happens, if Caterpillar strikes you in the game.

For every blocking of the contender insect there some certain points are offered to you for remaining ahead in the game and upgrades for other levels in the game.


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