William Tell

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William Tell Game Overview

The legend of shooting has really come to the realization of the legend stories like Robin Hood and others have been turned to be the real one with this online action gaming named as William Tell. A renowned folk tale hero from Switzerland, that you live this online game is Will am Tell in this online action game you can live up to the expectation of reaching near to the legendary shooter.

He is believed to shooting an apple in two from his child’s head employing the single bow and arrow. There are multiple levels in the game that you have to crush successfully in this online game.

In the first level of the William Tell game, it is quite simple and easy to aim, however, with successive levels; the task of shooting becomes difficult and cumbersome. You will face many obstacles in shooting all the apples in play action games. Following the apples, they are well guarded by ice cubes, wooden boxes, and brick blocks. Whereas the apples are protected with ice cubes and wooden boxes, you have to break them and then reach the apples. Apple, however, shielded by brick blocks, you will have to plan out and will have to devise a strategic way to shoot them, effectively. In the game click mouse to aim and shoot the apples. Left mouse is being used to hold and gather power even the power of the arrow can be controlled by mouse.


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