Trump: The Mexican Wall

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Trump: The Mexican Wall Game Overview

As Donald Trump have already been set as a president of USA, this game tends to tell about his efforts to get himself to reach the very important post of being the president of the most powerful country of the world. In this unique cool arcade game online under puzzle game category, you help the US president to collect and store much needed votes for his victory in US elections.

Trump: The Mexican Wall,  in the free arcade game online is collecting votes with the keyboard movements stroked by you by collecting the votes showering on him above the sky. However, Trump in this election race is merely not troubled by vote collecting tension but, he, also has some big worries to be take care of apart from merely votes.

In Trump: The Mexican Wall game , you would have to beware of his presidential candidature opponents including Hillary Clinton that is shooting from the sky on him, while, sitting on the helicopter to end his presidential race. So when collecting the vote for him, be alert that Trump may not come in the range of fire of the gun. Moreover, you are also required to be wary of another presidential candidate Bernie Sanders who is throwing bombs on Trump. During the different levels of the game, you will face difficulty of playing game making the game more intense and massive. After making a proper strategy, you can let Trump to reach the destination in a much easier and systematic way.


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