Theft Super Car

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Theft Super Car Game Overview

The theft super car racing game is great one to enjoyed among a good number of car racing games online in a manner as it has all the excitement and thrill to make it one of the best online super car racing game for free. In the theft super car that is an engaging online car racing game does not start immediately from the act of stealing the car and running away.

You as a player has to be grossly involve in first of all delivering the gold to the party as instructed to you and then being free from the vice gang you are working for. However, got caught by the cops, now, you are instructed by the boss either to return the entire gold or get a car be theft by you for him from the list of car list provided by you.

It is now up to you to choose from the list of cars as presented before you. Each of the super cars in this game is the level of the game that is to be unlocked and further on to run away from him.

However, the power is being provided to you in the game, where, by pressing ZXC keys you can release missiles to destroy the police car. The arrow keys are being used for


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