The Last City

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The Last City Game Overview

This action filled The Last City game is learnt to be the best one in online shooting game that is about getting the edge and safeguard the future from the negative spirits and demonic powers that have captured the last existing city and about to kill the entire human civilization. Now, it is your responsibility in this online shooting game to get all the demons at the human civilization city that is about to end, being killed by you and made the city to be habitable.

However, the city is well protected by the demons as well you have no other option but to make an entry into the city in the pitch dark night. There are different levels of security even by the monster at you have to bypass it step by step maneuvering and activities.

The entering into the city as a multi level game is a promising act of bravery and in the action game online in the last city you can choose from the act of getting killing the number of demons within the permissible time limit to reach at the next level of the game. 

In the best action game online the massive sort of protection is being provided by the weapons offered to you in the game. The mouse left click enables to kill the enemy within the permissible time limit and zone at to save the last city in free online game.


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Dated: 2017-08-01 12:40:53

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