Super Mega Ultra Battle Robot

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Super Mega Ultra Battle Robot Game Overview

An action packed Super Mega Ultra Battle Robot game is a curtain raiser of the battle scenario of the future, where, it will be minimum intervention of humans will be in the war and rest of the complete fight will be organized as well be taken care of by robot and their armies. In this flying free adventure game online called as Super Mega Ultra Battle Robot, you will have a full control of a superb war machine of the future.

As you have the full control of the hanger you can decorate your monster robot with all equipments of wall and destruction of your choice. Set your robot with core, body weapons and wings before he is set for full fledged war on the enemy robot army. As many as enemies you crush as much upgrades and scores you get in this free amazing action adventure game online.

While heading crushing enemies yellow chips equip your robot with special weapons where green chips let you to have a perennial lifeline so you could move ahead while getting engrossed in one of the difficult war of times. The battle ships from the opposition direction are the biggest threat where and bosses randomly appear from any direction after every 60 seconds.

The controls in this adventure game online are too soothing as use arrow keys to move and X or K key to fire. The death of all the five bosses will take you on to the path of victory and joy in one of the top adventure games online.


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