StrainZ-1 Game Overview

StrainZ-1 is a widely popular 3D game under which a mission is given to you to kill all the zombies who come on your way. A team of comrades is available there to assist you while searching for them and help you to access the needed inventory. Play this free online game and have fun!

In this zombie game for boys, you find yourself in the exclusion zone. The city is filled with the unwanted zombies who have made the lives of people hell. Your task is to use the military base and clean up the area from the grip of zombies. Do not forget to collect money you find on your way and purchase advanced and more powerful weapons to beat the opponents. In this top zombie game, which comes under the action category, you will also be provided with the medical aid. The collected caches will help you to buy useful items. 

Q, S, D, Z or Arrows or W, A, S, D - Move
Use Mouse for shooting
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 - Choose Weapon
E - Interact
I - Interact
M ? Map
P, Esc ? Pause
Once you play this best free online game, you would know why many boys consider it as one of the most ferocious and fearsome zombie game till date. In this latest flash game, you take the responsibility of killing all the demons who hate human beings and make the city and its surrounding areas once again to be worth enjoyable and liveable. You have to kill all the monsters you meet at different levels of this top rated online action game to win all its levels. Take a chance to play this multi-level cool game and show a great act of bravery. 


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