Snoring Before Time

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Snoring Before Time Game Overview

It is indeed is very annoying when you see someone snoring beside you and making it impossible for you to sleep. The best you do to have a sound sleep, you shift your place to another room. However, the beasts of jungle do things, otherwise, that all have been tried to be described and achieved in this online Snoring Before Time game.

All the animals as been shown in the jungle in this free arcade game online are quite troubled by snoring elephant. So, all other animals have been teamed up in the game to have a solution to the snoring habit of the elephant as removing him from the place where it is sleeping. They all in this online Snoring Before Time, puzzle game are doing the entire act only to wake up the elephant.

As a strategy game, it this game you will have to employ wit and puzzle solving skills and intelligence to move the pigs and turtles to wake up the elephant. At the different levels in the game you will have to use abilities of various animals to displace the animal. The pig is capable of rolling, whereas zebras can jump. The turtles are used to see animals being rolling, jumping and changing shape in order to wake up the mighty elephant. The graphic in the game keeps on changing throughout the 9 levels in the game. In the game, you exactly can use mouse to move the animals from one position to another one.


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