Rat Fishing

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Rat Fishing Game Overview

Rat fishing is one of the top most exciting and fun online free Android games. It is a really amusing puzzle wherein you destroy the cunning rats that are stealing food! Kids absolutely love this game and adults are hooked on this cool online game not only to kill time but also to have fun with their family and friends. All you need to do while playing this adventure game is just lure the rats out from their homes with cheese. You need to apply logic in this platform-based game and put in a lot of effort to trap the clever rodents.

Have you heard that your city is threatened with big rats and you are called upon to fight this rodent infestation? Rat fishing is the latest trend in the city that is nearly destroyed by the rodent attack. This trend is making every kid and adult go crazy. Call out the pest control and strategically position some smelly cheese. Thereafter, use tricks and lead those nasty rodents back to the gutters.

Do not forget this is one of the most challenging brain provoking pest control game. You need to be alert and wide awake. Do not just lie down on your sofa and use keys to control the game. The rats are very tricky to escape your traps and hide in the city again!

Keep the fact at the back of your mind:- BIG rat baits catch BIG fish! If you have been always interested to know which baits you would be required to use, when you will need to use them, and how to catch the famous infectious ?rat" fish, this is the ideal game for you.


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