Prison Breakout

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Prison Breakout Game Overview

Prison Breakout is a multi level escape games being offered as an adventure game online presents you with an opportunity as a gamer that still believes in hide and seek and has guts to escape away from the toughest of situations. The free adventure game online Prison Breakout is about an innocent guilty who has been sentenced under a conspired trial with the help of the jail authorities.

As a benefactor, you can help the innocent prison inmate to run away to collect the evidences of his innocence to put forth his case in the court of law. The free adventure game that has total 18 levels at first level begin with the innocent prisoner while coming to prison exit has to protect himself from the views of camera, torches and guards.

After taking the identity card guide the prisoner at every stage without coming into the preview of lights and guards. At any circumstances contact with camera and lights will end his effort to escape at square one. Setting off the alarm and cameras are the another important action to set the innocent prisoner free to get justice in this free adventure game online.

The difficulty in the game increases with every next level as motion sensors and laser beams are very rampantly are being installed all across the prison. In a level from the beginning of the game total five attempts are provided to escape in this amazing adventure game online.

To take any action space bar is the press button that will do the entire task. For the movements use the escape key.


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