My Dolphin Show 8

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My Dolphin Show 8 Game Overview

The real dolphin game has once again has arrived for you in category of sport games online. No doubt My Dolphin Show 8?is a new amazing dolphin games for the girls that wish to enjoy the game to its fullest zeal and enjoyment. Once again in this free sports game online you can get three stars in the each level and in total there are 18 levels to be played in this game.

However, the star rating is this free online sport is amazing and unique. Till the 16th level of the game, you get between 1 to 3 stars, however, in the 17th level there is some twist in the game. After passing 17th level your profile automatically becomes two stars and being winner of the 18th level you become a three star player.

In addition to the hurdles in the dolphin show game this time ice bar is added to increase the thrill of the game. And the props like balloon, hurdles rings etc., there already exist in the game. Many more characters have been added to this version of the game. This time in the??dolphin show 8?game both types of stunt can be carried out respectively for water and air.

If the audience is added you are good at the game but depreciated audience is identical to the loss. At least 50% audience remarks should be in your favour in order to reach the next level of the game.