Moto X Madness 3

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Moto X Madness 3 Game Overview

The biker stunt as enjoyed by you at circus is the amazing thing that you can love at this online racing game. In the Moto X Madness 3 game, the multilevel game you have to do stunt biking on the track made in the shape of clown. By passing those clowns you will face many difficulties as barriers of different shapes to cross over in order to win this game and successfully reach from one spot to another one.

The Moto X Madness 3 game is entirely divided into 10 levels ranging in this free online bike racing game ranging from the clown shape, up and away, speed freak, golden bulls, double strength, popcorn mania, wheel deal, crazy train, fly tactic and barrels of fun. In this free online racing game a biker is required from to pass on over different types of difficulties.?

He has to accomplish and pass on from each level in a permissible deadline. In case of not passing in the limited time limit for crashing the biker would have to begin the game once again from the start of the level. You get relief and joy in the form of points and upgrades at the end of each level that can be used in successive levels to win the game. For controls arrow keys are offered in the game for accelerating and other movements.


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