Mighty Hanuman

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Mighty Hanuman Game Overview

The Mighty Hanuman games is based upon the mythology, where, the main character of the Lord Hanuman?game?has been derived from great Indian epic Ramayana, based upon the life and action of venerable Lord Rama.

Based upon the an action of the Ramayana, in this game you have to help money god Hanumana, the ardent follower and disciple of Lord Rama in searching the Goddess Sita that has been abducted by demon king Ravana.

Hanuman, whom have entered into the demon kingdom, Sri Lanka and is being searching for mother Sita. As Hanuman is flying high, he is being interrupted by the demons of Ravana, therefore you have to make his journey of the quest to be obstruction free in one of the best action games online. His collision with any of the demons will only result into a failure of his pious goal. In the Mighty Hanuman game total five lives has been provided and failing to reach at any of the lives result only the failure of his mission. During the flying journey, keep on collecting the fruits that you look at there. These fruits will only keep Hanuman?s live more vigorous and energized. Their arrow keys can be used or space bar to maintain the flow in the game.


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