Let Me Rock


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Let Me Rock Game Overview

A signer canít enjoy his music and tunes unless is supported by his fans to go crazy after him. The Puzzle arcade game íLet Me Rockí is exactly about enhancing and creating that exuberant spirit of fan filled rock concert that every singer always looks and aspire for.

In the game you have to pave the path for the fans to reach at the concert podium that is closed by different doors. By clicking the mouse over those barriers you need to create a fanís reach to the signer podium.

During the initial level of this online arcade game, the barrier is quite easy to found and explore, however, you reach ahead in the game the number of barriers as well as funs will keep on increase, rapidly.

But at the later stages of the game, it instead becomes more of strategy and puzzle game rather than a music concert. In the game this time you are putting your best put forward to solve the riddles of barriers obstructing your path and easily reaching as closer as possible to the rock singer, to save him from becoming demoralized in this episode of online arcade game online.

For the game control and playing it easily, you have to most of the time will have to use the mouse click.


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