Lenas Foot Treatment Care Game Overview

In Lenas Foot Treatment Care game,  Lena?s foot has been damaged severely due to the accident and requires sudden medical attention and care. It this particular episode of the game, the foot is treated by you as a doctor to bring back Lena to a cheering smile and joy. In the girls doctor game online, you are offered with different types of medical treatment, especially, the one where the tongs are used to remove the pieces of glass from her foot and then after blood is soaked by the help of cotton pieces.

The left out scares there are treated with the help of applying bandage there on the wounds. After removing the bandage, the scars on the feet in this free online game for girls get completely removed and healed. The next part of foot medication treatment is applying cream at the inflaming part of the foot. After applying the medication and cream the foot gets immediately, however, the cracks on the foot are still intact and fresh, therefore by using the crack cream the foot there too get treated for any damage.

The next part of the Lenas Foot Treatment Care game is the nail care offered to the Lena for her foot to be completely fine tuned. The nails are then polished for a better effect and impact.


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