Knight Age 2

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Knight Age 2 Game Overview

In the fighting action game Knight Age 2, you holds key to the prestige and honour for your kingdom against the foul association of rival kingdoms that wishes to snatch away all the secret knowledge that you holds about the science and magic. In this one of the most amazing action game online, you get into a duel with rival kingdoms and it is the faith of your duel that can save the kingdom from surrendering into the hands of rival kingdoms.

Now you will have to reach from kingdom to kingdom to achieve the success. But understanding the combat is very necessary to win over opponents in game play of this action game. On the first mouse click, your horse will start running and would gradually speed up, in the next click, the spear will balanced and the constant clicking there would be required to balance it. Release it to make an attack over enemy.

With the earned points, you reach to the next level of the Knight Age 2?game to take action against another Knight. The more enemies you kill in the game, the more close you are too the ancient scripts. Clicking too fast or too slow can cause you to miss the target. Employ your mouse and click on the green button on the lower right corner to make the horse run in this free action game, online.


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