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Icycle Game Overview

The fun and excitement are matchless when you get a chance to play the beautifully-designed racing game ? Icycle Game. The next ice age has just arrived and everyone excepted is frozen in the entire world. In this cool online racing game, you have to run the BMX bike and reach the safe place. The journey is long, so you have to go through many unexpected obstacles to reach the final decision. Help this naked guy to survive in this extremely cold age while riding his bike through the next Ice Age. 

One of the best ways to ensure the win in this online flash game is to collect as many frozen bubbles as you can and avoid sharp icicles. Do not let your pedal stop in this extremely chilled environment so that nobody can freeze you before reaching the final destination. The proper usage of the mouse will help you to complete the mission successfully. Everything is frozen except you. All you need to do is follow the puzzling frozen soap bubbles to make your way. You can use UP or Space key to jump over the obstacles and Right and Left keys to accelerate. 

In this flash bicycle racing game, you have to play the role of naked hero Dennis. You would surely be amazed while jumping and gliding through the wonderful yet deadly post-apocalyptic frozen wonderland. Many pointy icicles or icy ravines are out there to get you tripped on the way. So, be careful, collect soap bubbles and cross the frozen wasteland with an open mind. In this cool racing game, you can roll and jump across various Arctic courses in Icycle. Good luck for crossing the deadly obstacles and gaps with a brave heart!


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