Horse Jumping 3d

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Horse Jumping 3d Game Overview

In the online racing games, the place of horse riding games is an absolute and unique one as it is the game for player that like equestrian sports. The horse jumping 3D is the part of racing game that has traits of all the horse related games as show jumping, fox hunting, steeple chasing and event.

In this horse jumping game all the important aspects of Horse racing game has been kept in the mind for the better gaming result. The game in the time bound manner passes from one aspect of jumping to the next one as you riding the horse guide him to jump over the hurdles as constituted in each level of the game. After successfully completing the one level of the horse racing game in the next level there would be more hurdles to be jumped over.

The guidance for the jumping is provided by the means of speed selection. In the game there you are required to let your horse to jump over the hurdle by acutely keeping in the mind different aspects of jumping. The horse riding game, therefore, lies around the stance, approach; take off, flight, suspension, or airborne phase and landing phase.

Control for the game, arrow keys are being used and for the for the horse jumping press space bar.


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