Galaxy Force

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Galaxy Force Game Overview

As this is one of the most robust and unique action Galaxy Force games to play to fight the demon from the alien world to completely demolish them in a war that is taking place in an alien world at some other world. As aliens have plan to attack on the earth, before, that Galaxy Force, the deadly army in this free action game online decides to launch a massive attack on alien hideouts before they act together to wage a war against the earth.

In this multi level free action game online, aliens are mostly hidden at their escaping places beneath the ground and the only protection to them is only provided through being underground, therefore, the galaxy force had to take refugee only of the grenade launcher.

Targeting, underground aliens by a grenade launcher require massive expertise to target and aiming in this unique and extraordinary free action game online. As the numbers of grenades are limited for an attack, therefore, as a Falaxy Force soldier you should be prompt enough to hit an aim so accurately, that, in the next level of the game, you must reach simply and easily.

Any waste of grenades would only result into only losing the game and delayed entry to the next level of Galaxy Force, adventure shooting game online.


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