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Fashion Pet Doctor Game Overview

As the puppy has to participate in the upcoming dog show, however, he has been severely injured due to the fight with street dogs, it is required to healed as well as cured in order to participate in upcoming fashion show for the pets in the online games for the girls.

As a vet doctor you are required to get it healed as soon as possible. The first stage of treatment in the online animal games for girls, under the treatment, the heart beat of the puppy is being checked and found to be normal and the soothing one.

Next, you check its temperature to learn that, whether, he has any fever or not and there too he is found to be fine tuned and healthy in best of its spirits. After that antiseptic location is applied out there on the dogs skin to stop the bleeding. Appling, the pet spray and bandage on the puppy is also a very necessary task of Fashion Pet Doctor in the free girls game online. The germs that have collected around the body of the baby too are needed to be removed easily and quickly. After that many levels of medication too are given to the pets for an overall recovery of the body.

As the puppy it the girls game online seems to be happy, it is the time for him to be dressed up for the dog show to fireup the ramp.


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