Crusader Defence


Crusader Defence Game Overview

A war maniac and die-hard strategy game fun at Crusader Defence game. You will face some of the most difficult battle challenges while protecting your castle from enemy lines. In the collection of free adventure games online on, this is one of the best adventure games online that is specially designed to offer the adequate vent to calm down the inherited spirits of war and adventurism in you.

As a knight, in this cool strategy and platform game for flash card gamers online you will create the first line of defence to protect the castle with the help from archers and knight in a noble cause.

At the first stage of the game you will wage war on the enemy with the three warriors to assist you. Answer to the riddle of winning the war lies with placement of fighters around the castle while building defences to the castle war.

The life left with the enemy soldier to sustain the final blow is indicated by the red bar over soldierís head. The very moment, the red bar disappears, the enemy soldier get annihilated. For all your valour in this defence crusader adventure games online play you are rewarded with enemy soldierís coins. The collected coins come handy in preparing better strategy for subsequent levels of the game. As much as gold you will have as better it will be for the protection of your castle.

The cool defence crusader game that is the best adventure strategy games for new age boys and girls.

And you absolutely donít need to worry about the game control as mouse does all the tasking for you.


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