Cooking Frenzy Pretzels

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Cooking Frenzy Pretzels Game Overview

Pretzels a delicious recipe that is known for its taste, globally, here you will going to learn in the mouth savoring taste and, varieties, you can prepare with the help of the Cooking Frenzy Pretzels game explained out here. Before preparing the recipe, first of all you will have to get all the ingredients for preparing the pretzels intact from the store in this online girl game free.

The ingredient for the recipe, hence, there are that you have to collect for making Pretzels in the cooking game are floor, sugar, milk, egg, cheese, yeast, oil, salt and baking soda.

So, before beginning the game, the first important tasks is to sieve the flour and then mix it with the baking soda, oil and cheese pieces into them and rinse them well.

Now pour the entire mixture into the platter to turn it right away and make dough of the entire mixture. And roll and cut them into the long pieces and then further on even make various round shapes from them. Here, the basic preparation for the pretzels is being made in this specific free online game for girls.

After the pretzel is being prepared, it is turn of the putting into oil and salt mixture and once again put it on the plate and set it on the oven for baking and now it is ready for devouring. This way you prepare the pretzels in this online Cooking Frenzy Pretzels girls’ game .


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