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Online cooking games, the most preferred choice of the online gaming for the girls is being known to be the most natural and preferred choice of gaming for the girls. In the cooking game for the girls there a recipe for making the best awesome cuisines is provided in the simplest manner. The marble cheesecake a relishing delight to be enjoyed and you will learn in this free online cooking game.

The making of the cake begins with the melting 150 gram of dark chocolate and then mixing up of 75 gm of melted butter mix with biscuit crumbs. And next keep this mixture in the refrigerator. After that 50 gram of cream cheese mixed up with the 250 gram of powdered sugar and then mixes vanilla sugar and 2 eggs.

Now after it, shift the one-third of cheese into other bowl and mixed there up chocolate and mix them well to bring the better eating results. Next, into the free online cooking game in the biscuit crumbs add white chocolate and cream and after that take a teaspoon and mix it well to make a marble pattern out there.

After that heat the oven in order to bring and bake the cheesecake for about an hour. Next, you are required to rub the apricot jam over the cheesecake and in the last sprinkle toasted almonds over the cake and serve it with the on the platter to relish it as a delicacy.


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