Bush Shoot-Out

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Bush Shoot-Out Game Overview

How to protect white house from the deadly terrorist attack has been answered in this terrific action game online. In the game set for shooting game fans, as a sharp shooter in Bush shoot out you help President Bush and Condoleeza Rice to protect the president house.

As the white house has been surrounded by the deadly masked terrorists and the President is in deep trouble. When the president bush find security guards to be a failure against the terrorist, he takes gun into his hand to protect his subjects as well too. Armed with M-16 and ammunitions, the first level and place of confrontation oval office, where, bush himself take up the gun and shoot the terrorists to death.

However, in this interesting game online always keep a keen eye over the cross hair. Shoot at the terrorist only when it is green only. Red means either you are hurt or is taking a cover. In this free action game online, M-15 gets automatically reloaded, but, in order to reload it yourself, press R on the keyboard. Awareness about the health is also too necessary in this amazing online action game. After killing the terrorist in one stage, you will jump and advance to another one. With every successive level difficult too rises. For controlling the game use your mouse to point and click.


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